NINJA Car Care is an extension and evolution created by the award-winning premium automotive eco-friendly car care company Wash Ninja®.  The 2x Shark Tank nominees are driven by a deep passion for cars and the environment.  Those two passions make up the car care experience in the company's products and services.  Launched in February 2016, the company has reached enthusiasts all over the USA.  

The company owns and operates a suite of NINJA brands.  The NINJA Car Care website and brand will continue to grow to serve as an experience based shopping model of a growing number of new products and accessories while the Wash Ninja® DNA will continue through all its endeavors in premium care care. 

With a commitment to excellence and customer service, all customers become part of a culture and family like no other.  The NINJA family will always be a special place for all that share and take on our passion and make it their own.
Thanks for visiting us,
CAR, Founder